Starting your garden might be scary, it may seem like a tedious task, but once you start – you will get the hang of it. It is satisfying to grow your herbs, just snipping the things you need whenever you need it, no need to buy small quantities every time you need it.


You may think that you will only get to plant these herbs if you have a big piece of land, but do not fret, these can be put in a small container because their prolific nature can be contained. You will have easy access if you put it near your kitchen.

Here are some herbs that you can easily plant:

  1. Rosemary: You can use it whether it is fresh or dried. This plant likes to have its space and loves to be dried out between watering; other plants do not like the same treatment. It is best to grow this in a pot, so you can quickly move it whether the weather is too cold or too hot.

You can use this as holiday gifts and can be used as a pizza topping, together with olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

  1. Thyme: We prefer to use this for winter stews and summer meat grilling marinades. You can use this for edging beds or place in front of a mixed container planting. The tip for you to know if it is ‘ready’ if you can see it, it is READY.
  2. Sage: This plant may get quite extensive and quite woody, you just need to cut it back regularly to maintain its size. You can surely put in any container. The best use that I can give you is to infuse it with white beans to it. It will surely taste yummy!
  3. Lemon Balm: This is without a doubt the best thing you can plant. It is very easy to manage, and you will just need to trim the leaves, and can be used as either fresh or dried. Use it with a strainer and make your favorite cup of tea!
  4. Parsley:  This can practically grow in any season. It can survive the coldness of winter and the superior hotness of summer. You can chop it and sprinkle over any dish possible, what best is that is filled with more vitamin C than any other food.
  5. Basil: This is one of the best plants you can grow anywhere, a plus factor is that it smells nice if you walk by past it. It can grow in any weather so you can harvest anytime! A tip is for you to pinch off the flower heads so that you will get new leaves all seasons.  You can use on everything! Salads, pesto, pizza, and sauces. Your guests will surely love the improved sumptuous dish!

Head on to your nearest supermarket and buy those seeds and start planting, this can turn into your hobby that you will certainly enjoy for a long time. Don’t forget to always check updates here on our website because we are the best home and garden blog in South Florida

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The Florida climate is perfect for gardening and gardens can enjoy beautiful flowers round the year instead of preparing their plants for the long winter like the gardeners in other states do, gardeners in Florida can plant to their heart’s content.

Plants that grow well in cool weather should be planted in early spring, winter or fall, those that go well with humid weather and high temperatures should be planted in early summer or late spring while some other plants can be planted all year long. But that yearlong bloom does not just happen on its own; it takes some preparations like ensuring that the right kinds of plants are used and also mapping out the garden space where your plants will thrive. You also need to do certain things right to get those blooming flowers, including the following:


Organic Soil: You will need soil made from organic matter as they will aid in the growing and blooming of the plants.

Slow-Release Fertilizer: Your plants will need a weekly dose of organic fertilizer to grow correctly, that’s why controlled release fertilizer will work best for the soil.

Regular Watering: For those dry months where rainfall is scarce, having another means to water your plants will come in handy.


Below listed are a couple of flowers that can bloom all year round.



This flower can be planted all year round, but it blooms more during cool weather and declines in the summer. It will need constant watering and fertilization for the flowers to bloom beautifully all year round.


This beautiful flower blooms for several months from spring till the first show of frost, but the heat of summer can cause a decline in the flower’s bloom.


The Pansy can grow up to 1.5 ft. tall and it thrives and grows through the entire fall to winter, it is very tolerant of the cold. The flower does not like the heat and will need a lot of moisture during the heat.

Cheddar Pink

This plant is perennial and to get the best bloom from the flowers, it should have sufficient sunlight. The pink bloom can last from mid spring into winter. These plants can be grown from stem cuttings that are rooted in the soil and also from seeds.


The plant is up to 3.5 feet tall and has a short flowering period. They bloom in March, April or May. To use them the next season, you should cut off the stem two inches above the bulb and also keep the leaves.

Summer Snapdragon

The plant is up to 2 feet tall, and they are annual plants for cold and warm seasons. Once the plant has been overwatered, don’t get enough light or exposed to low temperature, they tend to have excessive vegetative growth.

Crown of Thorns

This plant has great flowering round the year; they need fertile soil with good drainage. It also has a high tolerance to drought. It is very thorny and poisonous when ingested.


It has many varieties and grows to about 3 feet. The plant grows to a coarse bush and needs well-drained soil and good circulation to grow well even though it might get some mildew during humid weather.

Canna Lily

This plant is not a lily, but it can grow between 3-5 feet tall and can bloom from spring through fall. It grows well in moist, really fertile soil. You will need to trim the old flowers for new growth to come through.


One way to grow the annual and perennial plants is through seeds, so ensure that the seeds dry properly on the plants before they are collected, then plant them properly so that you can have the garden of your dreams!






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